The Hard Truth about Dietary Fats and Bone Health

For decades Americans were told to avoid fat, especially saturated fats from meat, dairy and cheese because it was bad for our heart and our health. We were bombarded with advice promoting low fat, high carbohydrate diets, yet as a nation we just got fatter and...

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Beyond Bones: 7 benefits of boron for healthy aging

There is nothing boring about boron!  Boron is a trace mineral that is often overlooked as an essential part of bone health as well as for its ability to help us maintain good health and keep us free from disease as we age. Through its vital role in metabolism, boron...

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Good Vibrations for Your Bones

Since the early 1960’s, space programs have been using vibration to help astronauts overcome the damaging effects that the weightless environment in space has on the skeletal system.  Among these are muscle wasting, impaired balance and loss of bone mineral density....

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Would you like Coffee or Tea?

Would you like coffee or tea?  Green tea please. Who doesn’t like to start the day with their hands wrapped around a hot beverage breathing in the nurturing aroma? Tea and coffee are two of the most popular beverages in the world.  Beverages that many of us long for...

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Center Yourself Around Your Bones

This week,  Lisa Jackson, a friend and colleague, provides insight into the power of yoga for bone health. Yoga provides a framework for healthy living. Western yoga studios and gyms often focus solely on the asana, the physical practice. Yet the tools of yoga provide...

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Getting to the Core of Bone Health

If you're like me, you remember having to participate in the yearly Presidential Physical Fitness Test back in your youth, which tested students in sit-ups as well as other exercises that tested strength, flexibility and endurance. The sit-up test was used to measure...

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What are You Going to Eat Today?

What are you going to eat today? You probably woke this morning thinking about all the important things you have to do today.  Some of you will be thinking about decisions involving your work, and others about family or friends.  But the truth is, the most important...

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“C” how to Build Stronger Bones

Although the decline in estrogen that occurs during menopause is the most influential factor for the development of osteoporosis, there are several other mechanisms that contribute to bone loss as we age.  One prominent mechanism is through a process called oxidative...

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Is Chronic Inflammation Causing your Bones to Slowly Simmer?

Hope you had a wonderful 4th of July holiday week and got a chance to be active outdoors! If you were inspired by the beautiful weather to exercise a little harder or longer than usual, your may have ended up like me with a sore and inflamed knee! Inflammation, what...

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Your Bones Love Lentils

How can such a tiny bean pack such a powerful punch?  The health benefits of lentils extend far beyond their high fiber and vegetable protein that benefit digestion, heart health, blood sugar stabilization and weight loss to other areas such as …......... you got...

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Initially, I went to Susan Brady because my family doctor told me to take a holiday from the prescription bone density medicine that I had been taking it for many years. I avoid dairy since I am lactose intolerant and sensitive to dairy protein. I was confident that Susan could recommend a superior quality calcium, balanced with other supplements that would help provide the nutrients I needed for bone health. In addition to recommendations for supplements, she has evaluated my diet and my exercise regimen, making suggestions as needed. With guidance from Susan I have been able to maintain bone health without additional bone density medicine for several years now. ~K.N.


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