The influence exercise has on bone mineral density and overall bone strength is both well documented, and undeniable. Anytime you put stress on your bones, you are increasing the bones’ density. One of the most effective exercises that contribute to bone strength and density are weight bearing exercises through the production of force through the bones.

Bones will respond to weight training in much the same way muscles do; by increasing in mass and strength. That being said, for the chosen exercise to be most effective, strength or resistance training my very well be the best choice; even in short bursts. One study conducted on premenopausal women showed those who did 20 jumps per day showed a significant increase in the density of bone in the hip area. In yet another study, older men who hopped on one foot for two minutes per day showed a substantial increase in bone health.

Jumping! Hopping! Sounds pretty crazy! Right? Most older people would probably think while this would probably be fun for the young, it would most likely be less so for older adults with aging joints. However, a safe and progressive jumping program may very well be exactly what the doctor ordered. Allow Nurtured Bones to devise and help you implement a jumping program specifically designed to promote your bone health.

**PLEASE NOTE** Whenever starting a new exercise program, extreme caution should be exercised first and foremost, especially in those suffering from osteoporosis. Exercising unsupervised could lead to your falling or cause other injury. Always consult your physician prior to beginning any new exercise regimen.

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