Are Your Bones Getting Enough Sleep?

Sleep problems and insomnia plague many Americans. However, women going through menopause can experience amplified sleep problems due to shifting hormone levels. Menopause is characterized by a decrease in the production of the hormones estrogen and progesterone, but...

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3 Exercises for Perfect Posture

As children we were always told to stand up tall, pull your shoulders back, don’t slouch… and for good reason!  Though you may have perceived it as your parents nagging you, proper posture keeps your body correctly aligned, your muscles balanced and puts less stress...

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Is a High Protein Diet Healthy for Your Bones?

You see, hear and read everywhere these days about high protein diets for fat loss, muscle building and optimal health.  But what about for preventing bone loss?  The amount of protein needed to keep our bones healthy and strong has been a long-standing controversy in...

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National Osteoporosis Month: Take the Jumping Jack Challenge

May is National Osteoporosis Month!   A great time for all of us to remember how important bones are to life! Do you know that we have 206 bones in our body?  Each one provides structure and support and allows us to move.  Bones also protect our brain, heart and all...

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Natural Awakening Spotlight Post!

  A Spotlight on Susan Brady of Nurtured Bones Osteoporosis is a progressive bone disease affecting 54 million Americans. It is characterized by deterioration of bone tissue leading to loss of bone mass and bone strength. Bones become weak and fragile, leaving them at...

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Magnesium is a Must for your Bones

  The significance of magnesium in bone health is often underestimated. For too long, the emphasis has been on calcium and vitamin D for the prevention of osteoporosis, with little attention paid to other critical nutrients, like magnesium.  Yet studies have shown...

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Live Long and Strong

My Grandmother's 100th Birthday! Celebrations with family and friends are such an important part of life, not only because they mark important religious and social rituals but also because they play an essential role in our health and well-being.  This past week, many...

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Initially, I went to Susan Brady because my family doctor told me to take a holiday from the prescription bone density medicine that I had been taking it for many years. I avoid dairy since I am lactose intolerant and sensitive to dairy protein. I was confident that Susan could recommend a superior quality calcium, balanced with other supplements that would help provide the nutrients I needed for bone health. In addition to recommendations for supplements, she has evaluated my diet and my exercise regimen, making suggestions as needed. With guidance from Susan I have been able to maintain bone health without additional bone density medicine for several years now. ~K.N.


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