Get your Bone Health Essentials supplements with 20% off!

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Get your Bone Health Essentials supplements with 20% off!

Get them here

Functional Testing

Functional tests can be useful in assessing many aspects of your health associated with having strong bones and also for monitoring the ongoing progress of bone building therapies.

SpectraCell Micronutrient testing is a blood test is a blood test that can be used to determine specific vitamin and mineral deficiencies within the cell where it is required for optimal health.

It measures 35 selected vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other essential nutrients needed for bone health and overall health and wellness.

Many people eat well and lead a healthy lifestyle, yet vitamin and mineral deficiencies may still occur.  Why?

    • Biochemical individuality: Each of us is unique and the nutrient requirements for one person may be different from another.
    • Absorption: If you do not absorb vitamins and minerals properly, you can have deficiencies.
    • Chronic Illness: Health conditions can be affected directly or indirectly by nutrient deficiencies
    • Aging: Our nutrient requirements at the age of 40, 50 and beyond are very different than what they were at the age 30
    • Lifestyle: excessive physical activity, prescription drugs, smoking, alcohol and sedentary habits all impact on nutrient demands.

The SpectraCell Micronutrient test can help determine what your unique body needs.

    Digestive Stool Analysis can help to uncover certain conditions affecting the digestive tract. It can effectively identify enzyme insufficiency, inflammation in the GI tract, gut flora imbalances and overgrowth of yeast or pathological bacteria.  Any one of these issues can impair digestion and absorption of essential nutrients needed for bone health and optimal wellness.

    Clinical indications for GI testing:

      • Burping, gas, bloating
      • Heartburn, indigestion, reflux
      • Constipation, loose stool/diarrhea
      • Abdominal pain
      • Unexplained fatigue, brain fog 
      • Mood disorders, depression, and anxiety
      • Skin problems, like acne and rashes
      • Autoimmune diseases

    A Digestive Stool Analysis is an essential tool for achieving optimal health of the bones and the entire body

      Adrenal Stress Index is a saliva test that evaluates the cyclic release of stress hormones from the adrenal glands. Cortisol is the primary stress hormone produced by the adrenal glands. Excessive production of cortisol or elevated levels at the wrong time of the day, can create many dysfunctions in the body, including bone loss.

        • Abnormal release of stress hormones are known to compromise tissue healing by reducing tissue repair and increasing tissue breakdown
        • The adrenal rhythm also determines how well we build bone. High cortisol levels in the morning and/or at night, impair the rebuilding of our bones and make us more prone to osteoporosis. 

      The adrenal rhythm can be affected by environmental and dietary influences, anxiety and emotional stress. 

      Bone Biomarkers – There are several different bone biomarkers that can assess bone resorption and formation.

      Useful for:

        • Assessing current state of bone loss and formation
        • Monitoring bone therapies
      The Bones Method Quiz

      Bone Health Checkup!


      This questionnaire is designed to help you determine if you are doing everything possible to keep your
      bones strong and healthy. By answering the questions and calculating your score for each section, you
      can evaluate your current bone health.
      The questionnaire will help you identify areas to focus on to build stronger, healthier bones and reduce
      your risk of bone loss and fractures. The final page provides tips on improving the areas where you are
      most at risk.




      Lifestyle & Wellness

      Non-Modifiable Factors

      Please enter your name and email address above and you will be presented with two options to evaluate your Risk for Bone Loss


      Tips for Building Stronger Bones


      Nutrition: If you scored high in this area, focus on increasing your intake of vegetables, particularly leafy greens. Ensure you're getting an adequate amount of protein by including it in every meal. Try to incorporate more fatty fish into your diet, as well as at least one serving of nuts and seeds each day. Aim to drink half your body weight in ounces of water each day. Additionally, reduce your consumption of caffeine and alcohol.

      Digestion: If you scored high in this area, start by ensuring you are eating In a relaxed environment and chewing your food thoroughly. Additionally, experiment with drinking 1–2 tablespoons (15–30 mL) of apple cider vinegar mixed with 8 oz of room temperature water immediately before meals to aid digestion.

      Exercise: If you scored high in this area, it's essential to prioritize exercise. Incorporate both weight-bearing and muscle-strengthening exercises into your weekly routine. Additionally, include balance training activities several times a week to improve your balance and decrease the risk of falls.

      Lifestyle and Wellness: If you scored high in this area, it's crucial to prioritize sleep and build stress resilience. While stress is a part of life, learning how to manage it is key.

      Additionally, if you smoke, seek support to help you quit. If you struggle with anxiety, depression, or an eating disorder, seeking professional help is highly recommended.

      Non- Modifiable Factors: These are factors that can't be changed, but by adopting healthy lifestyle changes, you can help reduce the risk of bone loss and fractures.

      For personalized support in boosting your bone health and minimizing your risk of bone loss and fractures, reach out to me at or 703-732-4230


      Let's work together to ensure you build and maintain strong, healthy bones for a lifetime. Don't wait—take control of your bone health today!

      DISCLAIMER: This quiz and associated recommendations are not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition.

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