Human beings are not meant to live in isolation. Although we vary in the degree to which we seek our social contact, humans are social creatures that need each other. 

There is no shortage of research that shows that contact with other people positively affects a person’s health and feelings of well being.  

How do we stay socially connected while social distancing? 

Although I am one that often views technology as a blessing and a curse, right now it is a tool that can really help us stay connected and caring.

Here are a few tips to stay connected to your loved ones:

• Pick up the phone. Remember those days when the phone was the only way to communicate?  Take time in your day to reach out to family members or friends that you haven’t actually spoken to in a while.  Hearing each others’ voices will bring immediate joy and happiness.

Many of you have already shared that you are spending more time on the phone with friends and family and how nice it is to have this extra contact.

• Virtual gatherings. When just hearing the voice of a loved one is not enough, there are many different platforms that allow you to do face to face video communications.  Consider scheduling a virtual coffee, lunch or dinner date. If you are new to virtual communication, see the list below of the most popular, free apps available.  This is the time to embrace technology!

A friend of mine had a virtual birthday party the other day!  No need to shelf these important occasions.

• Group text messages. Consider creating a group text. This a great way to share pictures and daily updates to a group of family members or friends. 

As I was writing this, I took a quick break to send some love and happiness to  friends on a group text chain.

• Facebook.  Although I am not a frequent user of Facebook, it is an easy and convenient place to connect and share photos and life updates with the masses.

These days I bypass the news and go straight to posts with funny animals or kids, better yet, kids interacting with animals. Join in by posting some sunshine for us all to enjoy.

• Missing your book club, Bible study or Meetup group?  See if they want to meet by video!

• Can’t walk with your exercise buddy? If you have a treadmill schedule an indoor walk and talk.

If you are new video technology, this is a list of some of the most popular options out there to help us stay connected.

  1. Zoom.  Although Zoom is primarily used for business meetings, it can be used for personal use as well. They do offer a Free basic personal plan. It is easy to sign up and use. 

  2. WhatsApp. This is a popular free messaging app owned by Facebook, which also features video and voice calling, all at no charge.  WhatsApp is especially useful for those with loved ones in other countries.

  3. Google Hangouts. Google has its own communication and messaging platform with Google Hangouts.  Google Hangouts is free for anybody with a Gmail account. Messaging, video calls and voice calls are all available.

  4. Skype. This is a free app owned and operated by Microsoft, but it is readily available for Mac and iPhone as well. Messaging, voice and video calls are included for free. It is easy download right onto your computer.  


Despite the quarantine, today’s technology has made it so friends and family are never too far away. Please take advantage of this technology, old and new, to stay connected during this unsettling time.

If you happen to be tech-savy, please help someone that is not gain access to this virtual technology!

Please if you are feeling lonely….REACH OUT.

If you know someone that lives alone or may be lonely….REACH OUT.

Just because we need to stay physically distant, doesn’t mean we can’t continue to love and care for one another.


Susan Brady
is a Physical Therapist,
Nutrition Consultant and
Doctor of Integrative Medicine.
She has been treating women with osteoporosis for over 30 years and is dedicated to helping people achieve
lasting good health and vitality.

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