May is National Osteoporosis Month!   A great time for all of us to remember how important bones are to life!

Do you know that we have 206 bones in our body?  Each one provides structure and support and allows us to move.  Bones also protect our brain, heart and all our organs from injury.  So it’s vital that we take good care of them!

We spend so much time on how we look from the outside, often forgetting that what is going on inside is just as important.  So this month let’s take time to focus on the importance of building and maintaining strong, healthy bones!

In honor of Osteoporosis Month, the National Osteoporosis Foundation is issuing a Jumping Jack Challenge.

Why Jumping jacks? Jumping jacks are not only a fun way to build bone density when you’re young, but also for helping to maintain bone strength as you age. Recent research shows that jumping just 10 times twice a day can significantly increase bone density in the hips.

As an advocate for building strong, healthy bones through exercise, I am taking the Jumping Jack Challenge!

The Jumping Jack Challenge

  1. Film yourself, your children, family, friends doing 10 jumping jacks in less than 10 seconds.
  2. Post the video to your favorite social media (and blog!).
  3. Challenge your friends to take the Jumping Jack challenge too!
  4. Use the hashtag #JumpingJackChallenge in your posts to help spread the word!


Now I understand that not every person viewing this video is going to be able to perform jumping jacks. Maybe some of you have advanced osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, injury to your back or hips or balance issues.  If that is the case for you, try a more controlled and supported jumping activity instead. For instance, you can hold on to a counter or the back of a chair which will give you added support and balance while preforming the jumping motion.  Supporting yourself on a counter or chair, can also allow you to vary the amount of weight placed through your legs. This will help reduce the impact to your legs and spine when you are just starting out.  As you become stronger, you can gradually place more weight through your legs increasing the impact and the benefit to your bones.

Every person needs to find the level of exercise that is comfortable and safe for them!

**PLEASE NOTE** Whenever starting a new exercise program, extreme caution should be taken to prevent injury, especially in those suffering from osteoporosis. Exercising unsupervised could lead to your falling or cause other injury. Always consult your physician prior to beginning any new exercise regimen.

Jumping is just one thing you can do to take care of your bones.  Visit my website or call me 703-738-4230 TODAY to learn all the ways you can start building strong, healthy bones for life!






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