I suffered from GI symptoms for years. I had ongoing stomach pain, heartburn, bloating, and excessive gas that left me feeling miserable, and my stomach distended day after day. 

When I sought medical treatment, I was first diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome and prescribed a medication that left me feeling flat while doing nothing for my symptoms. 

I was then convinced that my gallbladder was to blame and had my gallbladder removed. 

After my surgery, I was told that the pathology report indicated that my gallbladder actually looked fine…no disease, no stones, no inflammation. 

Not only did I have a totally healthy gallbladder yanked from my body, but I also had no answers and no relief! 

Luckily my “gut instinct” (pun intended!) led me to my own exploration. Through my integrative medicine education and trial and error, I uncovered the real reason for my symptoms….low stomach acid, poor digestion, stress, and an unhealthy microbiome. 

Healing my digestive tract didn’t take long once I was finally pointed in the right direction.  

I do experience digestive distress from time to time because living without a gallbladder does negatively impact digestion. (Although the gallbladder may not be essential for life, contrary to medical belief, it is an essential organ for optimal digestion.) 

Luckily, I have learned strategies to keep my digestive tract functioning smoothly through diet, lifestyle, and targeted supplementation.  

I now also run a GI Map on myself every two years to ensure my digestive tract is functioning optimally and my gut microbiome is balanced.  

I have never shared this story before because, as an integrative practitioner, I am embarrassed to admit that I opted to have my gallbladder removed. I feared that my colleagues would judge me for not knowing better.

20 years ago, I didn’t know better…but now I do!

Back then when I was trying to solve my own GI distress, I had to guess what was wrong with my system. Luckily now I can test!  

Being able to combine my personal experience, my understanding of gut dysfunction, and the GI Map test, I have been able to help many people suffering from many of the same (and even worse!) symptoms I had:

“I was suffering and struggling with a diagnosis of ulcerative colitis over a year ago. Many of the prescription drugs recommended had horrific side effects and were not effective in decreasing cramps and pain. I consulted Susan Brady initially for joint pain, but, after testing, she immediately started me on several supplements to improve gut health. After a couple of months, my UC symptoms vastly decreased and I am no longer on any prescription drugs. Thank you, Susan!” ~LR

“Working with Susan totally changed my life! Before, I had lots of digestive issues, and my gut was on fire. Susan fixed all those issues and got me eating a very good healthy diet. I used to be hungry all the time. And now I just eat good food and feel satisfied. I have more energy, I’m sleeping better because of it.” ~JP

In integrative medicine/functional medicine/holistic medicine our goal is to find the root cause of someone’s disease…whether it is mild discomfort from gas and bloating, feeling like your gut is on fire, or an inflammatory issue such as ulcerative colitis. 

Is it dysbiosis (an imbalance of gut bacteria), a deficiency in digestive enzymes, intestinal inflammation, leaky gut?

You can guess…or you can test and know for sure!

When you start to understand what’s going on deep down inside, you can begin to heal. 

Figuring this all out on your own can be a long hard process (like it was for me.) I want to help you skip all of the guesswork and get the answers you’re looking for and my Gut Health Package is the perfect solution!

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