When life is in chaos, your home is your safe haven. The stay at home orders have extended in most states way longer than most of us ever expected! Although some states are beginning to lift closure restrictions on non-essential business, it will still be months before life gets back to normal. Additionally, I have heard from many of you that you are going to be very cautious about re-entry into the real world!

I want to thank you all for your heart felt responses as to how you have created a Home Health Haven for yourself!  I know there are many ongoing frustrations, but I am amazed by the resilience, creativity and perseverance many of you have shown.

Here are a few comments on coping:

  • “It has helped to limit my time watching the news and reading about all the craziness going on in the world”
  • “I have enjoyed getting outside in nature and taking long walks, it really helps”
  • “I have done well with establishing a routine and it has kept me on track with my health goals”
  • “I am not only surviving, but becoming healthier!”
  • “It’s fun to be on a health kick with my 22 year old son and I appreciate that he does all the shopping and rarely goes off the list”
  • “I’ve enjoyed doing Chair Yoga on Amazon Prime with my best high school girlfriend and spending a few minutes after each session catching up”
  • “I have enjoyed doing group mediations on Zoom”
  • “I enjoy my Zoom visits with my family”
  •  “I have developed a prayer and meditation routine everyday”
  •  “I am doing workout programs online until the gym opens up again”
  • “Since I can’t go to the gym, I am using a weight vest and walking more and doing body weight exercises”
  •  “I have found peace spending time out in my garden”

Here are few comments about ongoing frustrations:

  • “Uncertainty is really frustrating”
  • “Having a hard time keeping up with work and since I’m working from home, it’s easy to work extra hours”
  • “I really miss my family”
  • “I miss being able to hold my granddaughter”
  • “It’s hard for me to be on the sidelines and not out there helping with the pandemic”
  • “It will be a great day when church opens up again”

Healthy Habits I have established that I will continue:

  • “Keeping the alcohol, dairy, sugar and junk food out of the house so I don’t consume it! “
  • “I intend to continue to watch less TV and be more in the moment”
  • “I am going to continue to connect with my distant family through Zoom so we can all “see” each other more often”
  • “I like getting up and exercising first thing in the morning, instead of after work at the end of the day.  I feel more energized and more focused at work”

As the quarantine lingers, either self imposed or through mandation, I have decided to switch my mode of communication and connect with you through weekly FaceBook Lives. Facebook Lives can allow me to be more interactive and dynamic! 

For the next month I will continue not only to talk about the realities of taking care of yourself and your bones when you’re stuck at home but you can also join me for my kitchen exercise routine as well as get a peek into favorite recipes along with my decadent downfalls. Yup, none of us are perfect!

Moving forward, what topics would be most interesting to you?  Help me to help you!

First FB Live will be tomorrow, Wednesday, May 6th at 12 noon, Eastern.  During tomorrow’s 5 minute Live I’m going to show you the exercise I rely on everyday to keep my back strong and pain free.

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Susan Brady
is a Physical Therapist,
Nutrition Consultant and
Doctor of Integrative Medicine.
She has been treating women with osteoporosis for over 30 years and is dedicated to helping people achieve
lasting good health and vitality.

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