Current statistics predict that 1 out of 8 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. When detected early, breast cancer is more likely to be treated successfully. This is why regular breast cancer screenings are so important. The mammogram has always been the gold standard in screening for breast cancer. But there is also another type of screening tool that can be complementary to a mammogram called thermography.

Thermography is a technology that measures heat and inflammation in the body.  A mammogram looks for anatomical changes in the breast, like the formation of a lump or tumor whereas thermography looks at temperature and vascular patterns in the breast. Thermography can detect excessive heat and inflammation in the breast tissue, identifying an environment in which cancer can grow. This in turn can give a woman the earliest opportunity to combat inflammation and change that environment helping to prevent and reduce her risk of breast cancer.

This is thermography of a woman with inflammatory breast cancer.

The red coloring indicates excess heat and inflammation where the cancer is and the cool colors, green and blue, indicate normal healthy tissue.



What causes inflammation in the breast?

According to Dr. Allan Tomson of Neck Back and Beyond Healing Arts Center, the primary causes of inflammation in the breast are:

  • Excessive estrogen in the breast

  • Food allergies or sensitivities

  • Poor diet

  • Stress

All of which can be addressed through dietary changes, nutritional supplements, detoxification, stress reduction, and optimizing gut health.

These are pictures of a woman with a history of breast cancer

The top picture shows significant areas of redness, indicating inflammation.

The bottom picture is of the same woman 1 year later after following lifestyle modifications that included dietary changes, stress-reducing therapies, detoxification, and targeted supplement support.

You can see the changes that she made dramatically decreased the inflammation in her breast tissue.

She continues to practice a healthy living routine and remains cancer-free!


Thermography does give vital information that allows a woman the opportunity to reduce risk factors, make lifestyle changes, and monitor her breast health more closely. However, thermography is not a diagnostic tool for detecting breast cancer and should not be used as a stand-alone test. It needs to be combined with diagnostic tests like a mammogram or ultrasound.

Research over the past 20 years has shown that EARLY DETECTION is the key to surviving breast cancer. However, PREVENTION is ultimately the goal and THAT is what will save lives. And can also help to save your bones. Having to undergo breast cancer treatment can increase the risk of osteoporosis and fractures.

If you are interested in learning more about thermography, please check out this website BREASTTHERMOGRAPHY.COM

If you are interested in having thermography, contact Dr. Tomson’s office at (703) 865-5690. Dr. Tomson’s office performs thermography twice a year in October and March.

Also, check out my interview with Dr. Tomson and his wife, a cancer survivor, on YouTube.

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