Exercise is one of the most essential elements to strengthening your bones and preventing fractures. That is why exercise is a fundamental component of the BONES Method™.

I know many of you understand how important exercise is for your bones and your body, and know you should exercise every day, but find excuses!

“I don’t have time”
“I am too tired”
“I don’t have exercise equipment”
“I don’t know what exercises to do”

So today I am going to introduce you to 3 exercises that can be done anywhere, anytime, and everyday!  They take less than 5 minutes, need no equipment and they will help to strengthen your bones and improve your balance, reducing your risk of falling and breaking a bone.

Remember that exercise is important to your bones for several reasons:

  • Impact exercise induces mechanical stress on the bone which influences bone mineral density and strength,
  • Resistance exercise is necessary because not only does the force of the muscle contracting on the bone stimulate bone growth, but muscle, in response to exercise, also releases a hormone called irisin which is known to enhance bone mass and strength,
  • Posture exercise is important to prevent the characteristic forward flexed posture associated with osteoporosis, and
  • Balance training is necessary to maintain stability and prevent falls and fractures.

I am confident you can find 5 minutes to incorporate these basic bone building exercises into your daily routine!


Mini Squats: Start with feet shoulder width apart and focus on bending at the hips as well as the knees.

Don’t let your knees pass your toes as you squat. Perform 10-20 squats/day


Heel drops: Start with your feet in a comfortable position.  Raise up on your toes, then let your heels drop down on the floor.

Start out with a gentle impact, gradually increasing the force placed through your heels as is comfortable for you.

Perform 10-15 drops/days

Standing on One Leg:  Perform this exercise close to a chair or counter to prevent falling.  Start by standing on one leg with the other leg bent.  Hold for 15 seconds then switch to the other leg.  Perform 2 times on each leg.

To increase the difficulty, stand on a pillow or some other soft surface!


To truly build up your bone strength you need to do more than just these three exercises on a weekly basis.   These exercises, however, can be done anywhere and even on those days when time is short. So next time you are cooking dinner or waiting for the kettle to whistle, do a couple of heel drops and some mini squats and finish by balancing on one leg to help support your bones, so they can then support you!

NO MORE EXCUSES for not nurturing your bones every day!

As with any exercise, STOP if you experience pain or discomfort.  Always consult your physician before starting any exercise program.

Want further advise on the best exercises to support your bones and your body? Contact me at susan@nurturedbones.com or enroll in The Bone Health Program at Virginia Therapy and Fitness, located in Reston, Virginia.  You can check out the program by clicking here!

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