Are you at risk for bone loss, or have you recently been diagnosed with osteoporosis or osteopenia? Or perhaps you have seen how bone loss has crippled your grandmother, mother or sister, and you fear the same might happen to you someday. You are not alone; over 25 million Americans suffer the consequences of bone loss every year.

When your once sturdy support system becomes weakened, it can leave you feeling fragile and fearful of breaking a bone with a sudden movement or a fall. These fears are natural. My goal is to help you overcome your fear by showing you how to preserve and improve your bone strength through nutrition, exercise and lifestyle.

Bone loss can also occur from many systemic problems, like chronic inflammation, and as a result of many other diseases and certain medications. This is why maintaining and improving bone health requires nourishing and supporting the human body as a whole.

The BONES Method is the comprehensive and holistic approach that can help you have strong, healthy bones for life!

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Recent Blog Posts:

Are you eating the right fats for your bones?

You’re living a healthy lifestyle, but why are you still losing bone? Maybe you have been exercising more, increasing your consumption of green leafy vegetables, and have even cut down on the so called “bad” fats in favor of consuming more “healthy” fats. Well, it may have something to do with the kind of “healthy” fat you are eating.

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Vitamin D: Beneficial or Bogus?

“Vitamin-D Deficiency Makes Bones Age Prematurely”  “Vitamin D won’t help you avoid bone fractures and taking too much is not safe”  “Calcium and vitamin D: the backbones of bone health” “Vitamin D supplements might not actually prevent osteoporosis” Are you as...

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Round Up in Your Bones?

By now you have heard that the weed killer Roundup is showing up in dozens of popular breakfast cereals and snack bars.  According to independent testing commissioned by the Environmental Working Group, the chemical glyphosate was found in 43 of the 45...

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Get a Grip on your Bones

Upon rising with the sun barely peeking up over the horizon, I cautiously (because I don’t want to trip over my dog!) make my way to the bedroom door. I grip the doorknob, rotate it, and open the door. Making my way to the kitchen, I again twist open the dead bolt,...

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Balance Benefits your Bones

Winter is right around the corner which means icy sidewalks and snowy parking lots.  For those of us with osteoporosis, these conditions heighten our fear of falling and breaking a bone.  Though a fall can occur even in the best weather conditions, there are ways to...

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Diabetes and Your Bones

 November is national diabetes awareness month.  Sadly, over 30 million people across the US are afflicted with diabetes.  Having high blood sugar can result in many serious health complications such as cardiovascular disease, nerve damage, kidney damage,...

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Breast Cancer and Your Bones

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among American women. It is estimated that 1 in 8 women develop breast cancer in their lifetime.  This year a projected 40,000 women will succumb to this devastating disease.   As unsettling as this...

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7 Lifestyle Habits for Better Bone Health

Did you know that women around the world are developing osteoporosis at younger and younger ages? Once observed primarily in postmenopausal women, an increasing number of younger women are developing osteoporosis and osteopenia….women as young as 20 are showing bone...

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Chew your way to Healthier Bones

Drink your solids, chew your liquids is a common principle encouraged by many holistic and integrative practitioners.  But what does that mean and how is that possible?  Through chewing!  Slowing down and taking time to thoroughly chew your food benefits your health...

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