I believe in taking a holistic BONES approach to building strong, healthy bones. The BONES Method provides comprehensive evaluation and counseling based on the following 5 specific areas of bone health.

Balanced nutrition is essential for bone health
  • Not only is adequate calcium necessary, but also foods high in other minerals such magnesium and boron, and vitamins such as vitamin K and D.
  • Eating a balanced acid-alkaline diet can help to reduce bone loss.
    • A high acid promoting diet can cause calcium to be leeched from your bones and excreted in the urine.
    • You can review the Alkaline-Acid food chart to learn about what foods are more acidic and what foods are more alkaline once metabolized.
  • It is also important to avoid other foods that promote calcium excretion such as sugar, salt, alcohol and soft drinks.
Optimize digestion to maximize nutrient absorption
  • Digestion is a critical component of bone health.  You need to be able to adequately digest your food so that you can absorb the nutrients necessary to maintain and improve bone health.
  • It is important to address all underlying digestive issues that may be contributing to impaired digestion, mal-absorption and inadequate utilization of nutrients required for building and maintaining healthy bones.
Nurture the soul to reduce stress and promote sleep
  • Stress increases 2 hormones called cortisol and adrenaline which can cause bone loss and inhibit bone formation.
  • Adequate sleep is necessary for the body to rebuild and repair itself.
  • Good bone health requires exploring ways to reduce stress and finding ways to improve sleep quality.
Exercise to strengthen bones and muscles
  • Weight bearing and strength training exercises stress bones and stimulates new bone formation.
  • Strengthening the supporting muscles of the spine and hip enhance stability and support of those bones.
  • Balance exercises are critical for preventing falls and reducing the risk of fractures.
  • Posture exercises help to prevent the common postural changes that can occur as a person ages and help to enhance proper body alignment.
Supplements when needed for additional bone building support
  • Bones need a constant supply of many vitamins and minerals, and deficiency of any one nutrient can adversely affect bone health.
  • Addressing and correcting individual nutrient deficiencies through appropriate supplementation will strengthen your bones and your body.

My BONES Method is a targeted and individualized approach that will help you achieve stronger bones and overall better health!